2017 Country Kickin' ALS raised $14,000.00 for these wonderful people!  this year's event will be bigger and better with proceeds going to Bobby and Michele AND to Harper's Hope for ALS Research!  June 2nd noon to midnight at The Great American Ranch!  It promises to be amazing...non-stop music for 12 hours!

The 2016 Ann DeSena Barbera Memorial Scholarship goes to the amazing Madiy Brecht!  She is one of the kindest, most genuine people who truly makes a difference in her local community and makes the world a better place.  When the board had selected her, we had no way of knowing she would be deemedby her classmates as "Most Likely to Make You Smile" and "Best Smile"  So proud of Madiy and happy to have awarded another scholarship!

Wear a Smile, Share a Smile co-sponsors Annabelle's Superhero Fun Run!  Donations may still be made by clicking "donate" button and putting "Annabelle" in the memo line.

Upon hearing of a family who was encountering hardships and was temporarily homeless, a vehicle was donated anonymously through Wear a Smile, Share a Smile, Inc. for their use. Prior to donation, the vehicle was cleaned and inspected by a local mechanic to be in "good working" condition.

September 2017, we have assisted a family avoid eviction AND paid electric, utility and gas bills for another family!

2017 UPDATES!  This year we are pleased to say we have contributed over $11,000.00 dollars into needs!  We funded 2 Ann DeSena Barbera Memorial Scholarships to:  Joshua Deal and Anna Christovich. 2 Special Agent Mike Walter "Coach Mike" scholarships to: Elijah Jordan and John Reid.  We spent $6000.00 sending over 30 kids to summer camp who otherwise wouldn't have been able to attend, paid some medical bills and electric bills for struggling families. We provided food to families and are currently co-sponsoring a "Blackhawk Strong Night" at Windy Hill Sports to benefit the continued mission of Powhatan Youth Wrestling.  We have funded further drug awareness events, supported several people in recovery and can't wait to see what is next in our endeavor.  

                                         2 years and 20,000.00 later...we are "Wearing and Sharing Smiles!

Wear a Smile, Share a Smile co-sponsors and co-hosts major event for fallen Virginia State Trooper/Special Agent Mike Walter and Blackhawk Gym!

We are so happy Casey has returned from Haiti and shared part of her wonderful experience.  Just look at the smiles!

(Pictured here with Board of Directors)

Our Florida campaign also allowed us to give a scholarship to Michael Hodgdon in memory of Helen R. Carannante.  This Cardinal Newman student has a selfless demeanor, is always willing to help his mother, his school and his community.  His involvement in academics, athletics and community service led to his selection as the recipient of this scholarship! 

Our Florida campaign awarded a donation to Casey Fee who will be going to two orphanages in Haiti to work with the youth.  These children became orphans after their parents were victims of human trafficking!  Thank you, Casey for giving these children a reason to smile!

In addition to the two scholarships, our Powhatan Campaign awarded Sharon Gorman a donation for her mission to Nicaragua!  Sharon has spent years sacrificing her time and her own funding to go to a village in Nicaragua where even running water is sparse.  She voluntarily does dental work on the villagers, increasing their health and decreasing avoidable illnesses that good dental hygiene can help avoid!  Thank you for your time and talent, Sharon!  You truly bring a reason to smile to this village!

The second Wear a Smile, Share a Smile, Inc.-Ann DeSena Barbera Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Kye Snyder.  Kye demonstrated an indescribable maturation in the last two years. He learned the importance of altruism by being a quiet "go to" person; always anxious to help in his quiet reserved way.  He rose above peer pressure and truly learned to see beyond himself.  Our Gramma would be proud!

Congratulations to Taylor Holt, the first of two recipients of the Wear a Smile, Share a Smile, Inc. Ann DeSena Barbera Memorial Scholarship.Thank you, Taylor for giving so selflessly, not caving to peer pressure and truly making your school a happier place, just by being in it!

Wear a Smile, Share a Smile®, Inc.

"It doesn't cost a thing. You can do almost anything."

Pictured Mary Carannante Martens and Greg Carannante