Country Kickin' ALS 2017, Halloween with Cabela's, Holiday Cards to Soldiers across the world, Village Vibe April 2018-kids to Summer Camp!

Wear a Smile, Share a Smile®, Inc.

Country Kickin' ALS was held on June 2, 2018!  We could have been buried by bad weather, but some quick thinking and great accommodations by Great American Ranch left us with only a 2 hour delay and resulted in $15,000.00 to the Quinn's and $4,000.00 to Harper's Hope for ALS Research!  8 months, 2 Country Kickin' ALS events:  $29,000.00 to The Quinn's and $4,000.00 to Research!  Follow us on Facebook at: Wear a Smile, Share a Smile, Inc, and on Twitter and Instagram: @wearasmile3

Luck Stone chose to help us get kids to Summer Camp at the Village Vibe event, Friday, April 13th!  Other photos are from our joint venture with Cabelas to raise funds to get Christmas Cards from Powhatan County to soldiers overseas, and Country Kickin' ALS! 

UPDATE:  35 Powhatan Kids sent to Camp!

Country Kickin' ALS 2017 reaped $14,000.00 for Bobby and Michele!

"It doesn't cost a thing. You can do almost anything."

Anniversary video---Look what you all helped us do in 3 years!