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Wear a Smile, Share a Smile®, Inc.

School Fundraising Campaigns

We offer school campaigns designed to raise funds for the school's chosen organizations such as PTOs, Interact Clubs, SCAs, school counceling, or the like. These campaigns involve the school organizations to sell silicone bracelets with "WSSS" on one side and "Wear a Smile, Share a Smile" on the other side.

Once the book, "JJ's Way to Start the Day" is read to the children, they understand the importance of a smile. The glow in the dark bracelet reminded them to do so often. (See more information regarding book by clicking here)

These bracelets are meant to help create a positive environment, where children, faculty, and staff, can have a positive demeanor to combat bullying. Bullying permeates all schools, and Wear a Smile, Share a Smile, Inc. aims to remind people to choose to do the right thing and not fall victim to the woes of bullying. If people were to wear the bracelets, they feel good about helping their school, helping people in need, and are reminded that life gives us so many reasons to smile.

Schools make money on the book and bracelet sales and the community chooses the recipients of the Wear a Smile, Share a Smile, Inc. "giveback" donation.

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Note: All campaigns can be tailored to fit the needs of the school