"It doesn't cost a thing. You can do almost anything."

Wear a Smile, Share a Smile®, Inc.

Cindy, Jackie, and Jessie Harris have spent a large portion of their lives trying to make the communities where they live, better places. Whenever a need arises, they never think about how to raise the money to meet the need...they just do it.

The Trident

This symbol was designed from a "W" for "Wear a smile" and a "S" for "Share a smile." Consciously placed, these two letters form a trident.

Ironically, the word "trident" is from the Latin roots "tri" and "dens." This literal translation means "3 teeth." Since there are three members of the Harris family, and they are promoting smiles across the nation, the trident is the perfect symbol!

Who We Are:

Now, they have formed a company targeting the nation and meeting the needs of individuals trying to overcome life's obstacles, but battling insurmountable blockades along the way.

They are also targeting small charities that are often lost in the maze of huge conglomerate non-profit organizations, as well as those individuals who share their stories and needs.

Additionally, they are establishing scholarship opportunities called the "Ann Barbera Scholarship," named after their grandmother/great grandmother who lived a life of giving. In fact, they launched this company sitting bedside with her, hospice, and nursing staff as she succumbed to Alzheimer's disease. These scholarships will be for high school students, nationwide, who truly make their communities a better place just by their kindness.